Spring POTA Meetup
Wonderful weather out there today, awesome turnout to the Spring POTA Meetup at Dorchester Mill Pond CA.
Mostly we just chatted but quite a few contacts were made along the way.
I set up my station at the table just along the trail around the pond just close to the parking lot. Mitch VE3OT 
provided the 40-10m EFHW antenna. We did tangle with branches quite a bit, but overcame them and set up
the antenna feed point close to my operating position.
Bogdan VE3YOB and Luke set up their station across the conservation area near the tree line along the shore 
of the pond.
Ke VE3EKY and Lee VE3XLC set up thier stations just across the path from Bogdan and Luke,and then with
all those stations so close together began facing QRM problems. 
Brian VE3KLT set up his Wolf River Coils antenna system up not that far from where Bogdan, Luke, Ke and Lee 
were set up.
In the end, not sure how many contacts were made today, but I think everyone just enjoyed getting out on a 
very nice day in the middle of April. 
If you made any contacts today as part of this meetup using the callsign VE3LON, 
please email your adif file to me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will combine all logs from today and submit them 
to POTA for credit to VE3LON.
thanks again everyone for coming out,
stay tuned for an announcement about our next POTA meetup at a park near you