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Earlier this year we did an online survey of the membership. We asked a number of questions to gauge and direct the executive on the future of the LARC in the times of the Pandemic. Here are some of the results and explanations of the plan going forward.  Of the 111 members of the club, 51 members responded to the survey.

An overwhelming response was that members would attend a centennial celebration. The board had a special meeting to review this response. The positon of the board as outlined in the minutes was: 

Mike Cook, VE3ZMC offered his bottom line upfront which is that we cannot do it (the holding

of an in-person celebration) and cannot do it although he has been enthusiastic to have a celebration

and recognition of the Centennial. He has done what he believes is his due diligence and he has come

to the conclusion that it is going to be unsafe for the Board to proceed in the manner as previously

planned not withstanding the results of the online balloting. We can see that the Covid-19 situation is

not getting any better and we have all seen what is happening in the U.S. He decided to seek some

true expert advice so he has sought the advice of two of his former colleagues at Western in the

Department of Immunology. He explained to them what were planning to do and they independently

said “do not do it.” The indicated that there will be spiking and that we cannot know what will be

going on in London in six weeks time.


Members were split evenly, if they would attend a physical meeting at the club station at this time. The board has made the decison that in the short term, our meetings will be held on Zoom. Which over 80% of those who responded said they would attend a Zoom meeting.

Members were interested, in attending Saturdays at the club station, Kit building on the Wednesday night and continuing on the CW course. All these items have resumed or will in the near future. Keeping in mind that all activities must follow safety guidelines.

Members were interested in contesting, which a committee is being organized to particpate in some of the upcoming contests.

Your executive thanks those who particpate in the giving us direction and feedback. Many respondants gave comments, most indicated that we were on the right track and to continue what we were doing. If you have any comments or suggestions or wish to volunteer, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.