Information on a new repeater from Doug Elliot:

The UHF repeater that we used so successfully for the St. Thomas Search and Rescue exercise was provide by Mike Kosch, VE3MMX in Sheddon. It was using a shared frequency pair (442.925) while being tested, but is changing to 443.750. Mike has also put up a VHF repeater that is also on a high tower, and is expected to have similar wide coverage.

Mike invites hams to make use of these facilities.

You can put the VE3MMX repeater frequencies on the LARC site for sure. The UHF repeater is currently on a shared pair for testing. The frequency we are likely changing to is 443.750. The VHF is permanently on 147.225 with no tone at this time. If we put tones on, it will be the standard  114.8 regional tone. The VHF antenna was recently repaired and upgraded at the mounting bracket. It is now at 105 ft top mounted on the tower. The UHF antenna is at 120ft and the VHF slightly lower at 105 ft. The antennas are both omnidirectional and should offer good coverage 360 degrees around. UHF repeater is a GE master III and the VHF is a Motorola MTR 2000. 


 Information from Dave Roper, VE3DHR

There is another very active repeater in the area that is located in Shedden Ont which is operated by Mike Kosch, VE3MMX. Two frequencies, 147.225 rec 147.825 send and 443.750 rec 448.750 send.