Field Day 2015

Please read what everyone but a few hearty souls missed out on. 

Story by David Lambert VE3KGK, Link Here

A few photos, though it does not illustrate the terrible weather we had Photo Link

The 20m PSK31 station before it was blown down. Notice how one side of the tent is blown inward and the other side is bellowing out.  Shortly after this picture was taken we had to abandon because of the volume of rain threatened to collapse the tent (After we abandoned, the tent did indeed collapse).


From Simon VA3SII/ Corbin VA3NIS- Field Day Coordinators

Hi Team,
And I mean team. I thank all those who were involved with Field Day for us this year.
We should all be very proud that we stood it out. After all it is Emergency Preparedness.
Club members from other areas that I have spoken with this morning either bailed altogether or abandoned and came back with far fewer operators than they set out with.
We ran 7A and apart from a couple of dead bands and our "two horn blast" abandonment's we kept running the full 24 hours.
We also had some genuinely interested visitors who we hosted and fielded questions from along with some inquisitive dog walkers
Corbin and I are thankful not only to the operators, resources all around us and of course the superb catering arrangements. (Remember, an army marches on its stomach)
But also to the people who very decently took the time to come back and help us pack down.
At the end of the immensely soggy period, that was hugely appreciated by all who were still there.
Thanks to their help we managed to get offsite around 3 pm
Whatever your involvement with Field Day we thank you.
And now begins the dry out operation
Simon VA3SII/ Corbin VE3NIS

More Field Pictures

Corbin Lippert, VE3NIS provided a link to his field day pictures LINK