Candidates for Amateur Radio license take the exam.

As the Cottage restaurant was wrapping up on Saturday November 29, so was our Basic Ham course. The candidate count was swelled by some self-study students who were ready for the test, and 12 people have written the exam so far, with 2 more to write at a later date. The final exam was a success for all who wrote it, with 4 achieving scores over 90, 7 more getting over 80 and earning HF privileges, and one who got 75. This is a great showing, and we congratulate all the students.

Due to a change in procedures at Industry Canada, these folks will have call signs and be legal hams within days, and you'll see their new call signs on the website soon. 

We also thank our instructors who make these courses possible by sharing their expertise and experience:

Doug Elliott, Rob Hockin, Jim Spicer, Mike Cook, Mitch Powell, Mark Bramwell, Dave McCarter and Mike Watts.


Doug Elliott  VA3DAE

exam class