This page is dedicated to the notifications to members as outlined in the By-laws Section 2.1

February 28th, 2022

Please read the following document that provides the understanding to the Proposed Changes to the By-laws. Document here.

 The change is outlined in the following Document, which can be found here.


November 4, 2020

By-law updated was approved at the December 3rd, 2020 meeting.

LARC By-law Update

As part of an on going effort to make our By-laws up-to-date and current with provincial legislation, your executive has taken on the task of modifying and up-dating our documents. The most important sections below are the first and last, these are the explanations of the changes to the by-laws and the document that compares old verses new. Questions can be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we encourage members to submit questions though emails before hand as to not take up time at the meeting.

 Please read the posted by-law changes, the LARC board will be asking for approval at the December meeting (December 3rd)

Please see the follwing documents in PDF format, outlining the changes.

Find attached:

1.       Membership Guide to Proposed By-law Amendments HERE.

2.       LONDON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB INCORPORATED_2019_Website.pdf (Current By-law) HERE.


4.       LONDON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB INCORPORATED COMPARISON (Combined Current and Proposed Changes) HERE.