VB3COPS May 12 to 18, 2024


The Special Event with the callsign VB3COPS will run from May 12 to May 18, 2024. That week is Police Services Week, and it has been quite a while since Police Services week did not partially overlap with EMS Week. Adding another Special Event has been something I hoped would be possible, and in 2024 everything came together.

The first and last days will see the Club stations being used on 20m and 40m and the use of the Club stations is to allow members of LARC who may not have HF radios or are unable to put up exterior antennas to use the special callsign.

The intervening days of Monday through Friday of the week will be given over to operators from LARC and EARS in St Thomas who have requested and been allocated time slots on their bands of choice, who are able to operate from their home stations.

John VA3MSV has kindly agreed to have his usual Special Events page up and running so we can keep track of what is happening during the week. Please log into this page.

The logs will be kept and sent to Doug VE3IDT as ADI files and he will fold them all into one main log and submit that log to the eQSL site. Please submit your logs at the end of the event.

Bob, N4P in Gainesville Florida will be partnering with us so look out for him and work him as well. QSL cards are being designed and we are also hoping to have downloadable and printable certificates for the event.

This event will be HF SSB only.

David VE3KGK
Special Event Coordinator