VE3HKY demonstrates his audio equalizer to PARC ( Peel amateur radio club) builders group:

Bob Rice, VE3HKY, David Lambert, VE3KGK and Jim Morris VA3AHQ attended a meeting of the PARC group in Brampton on Tuesday October 21st, 2014. Great group of dedicated builders, several projects were discussed and Bob presented details on his audio equalizer.


Builders Group Oct 2014 001-1  




VE3HKY Antennas:

We've had many inquiries about the two antenna designs produced by Bob Rice VE3HKY.

Both his 7-Band Semi-Vertical Trap Antenna and the 7 Band Portable Dipole have enjoyed great reviews from local hams who have put them together. The first antenna is described in this web page, and the portable one is described in this video, which includes complete instructions on how to build it.