Manual impedance transformer for 250 watts End Fed Antenna

Resource for building EFHW antenna is here



Kit Building group works on a Portable Longwire Antenna Tuner.

A document outlining the build of a portable antenna tuner for QRP operation can be found here.



Kit Building group works on a Clipperton-L amplifier.

Not exactly a kit build, but the club has a Clipperton-L amplifier that is going to be put into service at the club station. The group are going to work on the amplifier and update some of the components as well as do a few upgrades. The details are going to be documented here.


Kit Building Sessions

The first meeting of the Kit Builders group has occurred. Lots of great ideas and discussion. A Wiki page has been set up to bring resources together in one location. You can see what the group is up to by looking here. The site will be upated often as the project get underway and reach completion. 

A notice from John Fallows VE6EY

Earlier this year, I published a series of articles on my web site called the "Arduino Ham Radio Starter Kit". The purpose of this information is to encourage more hams and their clubs to engage with the local maker community as a gateway to amateur radio.

These articles explain Arduino basics in a ham radio context. They contain many suggestions about how amateurs can use Arduinos, as well as how a ham club can engage other makers in hobby activities.

Please take a moment to review the Arduino Ham Radio Starter Kit articles. If you find them to be useful, please consider passing these along to your members or contacts.

You can use these articles by linking them to your web site, Twitter feed, Facebook page or by e-mail.

The URL is:

Thanks for your consideration. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

73 John Fallows VE6EY Calgary, Alberta

At the club station, discussion on air cannons 

The group got together and discussed the mechanics of building an air cannon. more details here.

VE3HKY demonstrates his audio equalizer to PARC ( Peel amateur radio club) builders group:

Bob Rice, VE3HKY, David Lambert, VE3KGK and Jim Morris VA3AHQ attended a meeting of the PARC group in Brampton on Tuesday October 21st, 2014. Great group of dedicated builders, several projects were discussed and Bob presented details on his audio equalizer.


Builders Group Oct 2014 001-1  



VE3HKY Antennas:

We've had many inquiries about the two antenna designs produced by Bob Rice VE3HKY.

Both his 7-Band Semi-Vertical Trap Antenna and the 7 Band Portable Dipole have enjoyed great reviews from local hams who have put them together. The first antenna is described in this web page, and the portable one is described in this video, which includes complete instructions on how to build it.