The goal of this page is to assemble the history of the London Amateur Radio club. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the club, we are embarking on a project called "The LARC - The London Amateur Radio Century".

We wish to involve past and present members and collect stories, events, challenges and triumphs from our history. There will be more information on this venture coming soon.


See below the photograph which illustrates LARC participation in the 1933 ARRL Field Day. It adds further support that LARC is one of the oldest amateur radio club in Canada.




Past LARC Presidents

This list of past presidents as you can see will be one of our first challenges. Any information or corrections are welcomed. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any documentation or memories you have.

LARC Presidents
Year Name Call sign Event
1920   VE3LRC LARC is born.
1927   VE3LW
1928 J. MacCarthur VE3 ??
1929 C. D. Lloyd VE3CB
1937     Guglielmo Marconi dies at age 63.
1940-45 WW II suspended Ham Radio  
1947     The first point-contact transistor is invented.
1948 Earle Kimble VE3FQ
1949-50 Ced Tanner VE3BBI
1953 Bill Rowed VE3AJH
1955-56 LeRoy Blinn VE3AJQ
1957 Harold Delagran VE3VL
1958 Bill Jackson VE3DDJ
1959-60 Lloyd Wright VE3CFR
1961 Carl Vollick VE3AKQ Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio (Oscar 1) in service.
1962 Brain Robinson VE3DGE Alouette 1 launched (Canada's first satellite)
1963-4 E.D. Dutton VE3EWO
1965 John Marak VE3CHV
1966 Hugh Pollock VE3EWI
1967 Ray Staines VE3FVE (ZJ)
1968 Tom Hunter / Lloyd Wright VE3CP / VE3CFR
1969 Chuck Stewart VE3DYS CQ DX from the moon.
1970 Fred Holland VE3CQI Heathkit HW-101 introduced.
1971 John Williams VE3AAO Yaesu FT-101 introduced.
1975 Doug Thomson VE3BGJ
1977 Mitch Powell VE3OT
1978 Dave Toth VE3GYQ
1979 Dave McCarter/Jim Spicer VE3GSO/VE3CTS
1980 Ralph Miles VE3CMQ
1981 Marshall Postnikoff / Hugh Clark VE3JGT / VE3WM
1982 Rob LeRoy VE3MGQ Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is invented.
1983-84 John Ohnmacht VE3JO
1985 Frank Salter VE3MGY
1986 Frank Salter / John Pedersen VE3MGY / VE3MGR
1987-88 Dick Moore VE3LRB
1989 Jim De Zorzi VE3ZK
1990 Pat MacKinnon VE3PMK
1991 Tony Varga VE3ZAV
1992 Carl Ozyer VE3ZCO
1993 Brad Seward VE3NRJ
1994 Jim McCormick VE3ZJM
1995 Bill Milligan VA3WOW
1996-97 Joe Gorelow VA3JGA
1998 Jeff Peacock VE3IOS PSK31 is introduced.
1999 Dave Young VE3EAY
2000 Jeff Peacock VE3IOS
2001 Jim McCormick / Charles McNeil VE3ZJM / VE3FCM
2002 Charles McNeil VE3FCM
2003-04 Mark Bramwell VE3PZR
2005-06 Gord Baker VE3GB
2007-08 Doug Tompkins VE3IDT
2009-11 Doug Elliott VA3DAE
2012-13 David Lambert VE3KGK
2014-18 Dave MCCarter VE3GSO
2019-20 Mike Cook VE3ZMC
2021-23 Rick Brown VE3IMG


Archived Newsletters are located here:  Newsletter.