Denton Clipperton-L Amplifier


The London Amateur Radio Club ( LARC) were fortunate enough to have a Ham donate to the club a Clipperton-L linear amplifier. The unit had been in strorage for a significant amount of time, therefore the unit is to be inspected and some of the popular modification may be done as time permits. The unit will then be used for specific contest as part ofthe club station. Below is a log of the procedures and pictures done by the Kit Building group to make this Amplifier in 100% operational shape.


January 19th, 2019.  LARC has a kitbuilding group who meet at our Club station on Saturday mornings. The amplifier was taken out and opened up for initial inspection.  



Dave MCCarter, VE3GSO, TannerXXX, VXXX, Richard Finn, VE3PNK looking at the tubes for the amplifier.







Reference information by Bill McHugh, VE3NH

We wish to thank Bill McHugh, VE3NH for providing these pages as reference information. Bill's pages were the definitive reference for the Clipperton-L  Amplifier until they disappeared from the Internet. Billy has been kind enough to provide the origionial pages to us to post and gain from his knowledge.







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