As part of the London Amateur Radio clubs centennial celebrations, we will be featuring interviews with a number of hams who have played significant roles in the club history.  In 2020, the club is unable to meet in our usual physical location due to Covid-19. We therefore held our meetings using the Zoom conference platform. Below are a list of features, interviews and topics that were held during the year and at these virtual meetings.


As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, we have been authorized to use the special events callsign VE3LON100. Any member of LARC can use this callsign for the month of September to make contacts on any mode. Please keep a log of the contacts you are making and we will be letting people know how we will be QSLing these contacts. We hope you enjoy using this special callsign. There is a QRZ.com page setup for the callsign. Members are encouraged to operate and log using http://www.n3fjp.com program. At a later date, we will be asking operators to forward their logs to the club so we may QSL the contacts made. Please note, if you are operating Self Spot on DXSumiit at http://www.dxsummit.fi to promote the event and to prevent mutiple people being on the same band at the same time.


September 3, 2020

Mitch Powell, VE3OT Interviewed on his early days in Amateur Radio. The video can be referenced here. The password is LARC to view the video.

Article in the RAC magazine, TCA highlighting the history of the London Amateur Radio Club. The article can be seen here.

Short video of Jim Morris, VA3AHQ launching a line into a tree using an air cannon.  The video can be referenced here.

The September 3rd meeting on ZOOM. The video can be referenced here

An article from from the June 2002 issue of QST, detailing the first Field Day June 1933 and LARC came in second. You can read the article here. Thanks to John Cimming, VE3JC for providing the article.


October 1, 2020 


The highlight for operating this month is LARC members are the operating VE3FIRE. 

This year the Fire Prevention event will be from October 4-10th, 2020. If you wish to operate during this event please contact Jim Morris, VA3AHQ via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You may operate on SSB, CW or Digital. As well,  you may operate from your home shack or by special arrangement at the club station.

For further information on the event please go to the website for the event. Once again we look forward to operating the special event and spreading the word on fire prevention.


This months general meeting will focus on antennas. We have 4 antennas being presented with Videos and live presentations. 

 To see the whole meeting please watch it here.

Rick Brown, VE3IMG from the Contest Committee recommended people watch the following websites for contest information.

The October 1st meeting on ZOOM. The video can be referenced here.  



 November 5, 2020 

This months general meeting has featured a Veteran Tom Jory, VE3AOA, who tell us about his career as a Doctor, pilot and amateur radio operator. The centennial corner will interview Dave MCCarter, VE3EI, as well as other features and items that will be of interest to those attending. Video is posted here.



December 3, 2020


Field day final results are here.