LARC November Meeting: Note New Date and Location

Come out to our meeting in November at our new location.

The meeting will be held at the 427 Wing, 2155B Crumlin Road North
London, Ontario (43.033766, -81.1589447). The meeting will be held on November 2nd, 2017 at 7:30pm.

Note: There will be a few items up for auction at the meeting.

1. Alinco DJG-1 2 metre handheld plus manual, plus charger.

2. Icom IC-02 AT VHF handheld 

3. Icom IC-04 AT UHF handheld.

4. Icom IC-CM4 battery case (case was shared with item #2 and #3)

5. Battery charger for above Icoms.


Information on a new repeater from Doug Elliot:

The UHF repeater that we used so successfully for the St. Thomas Search and Rescue exercise was provide by Mike Rosch, VE3MMX in Sheddon. It was using a shared frequency pair (442.925) while being tested, but is changing to 443.750. Mike has also put up a VHF repeater that is also on a high tower, and is expected to have similar wide coverage.

Mike invites hams to make use of these facilities.

You can put the VE3MMX repeater frequencies on the LARC site for sure. The UHF repeater is currently on a shared pair for testing. The frequency we are likely changing to is 443.750. The VHF is permanently on 147.225 with no tone at this time. If we put tones on, it will be the standard  114.8 regional tone. The VHF antenna was recently repaired and upgraded at the mounting bracket. It is now at 105 ft top mounted on the tower. The UHF antenna is at 120ft and the VHF slightly lower at 105 ft. The antennas are both omnidirectional and should offer good coverage 360 degrees around. UHF repeater is a GE master III and the VHF is a Motorola MTR 2000. 


LARC Hamfest 2017

A Great Success and a Fun Time was had by all

A big thanks goes out to the Ham community for attending the LARC Hamfest.

They were lined up to get in the door



See you next year, LARC Executive and Organizing Committee



Jamboree-on-the-Air, or JOTA, is the largest Scouting event in the world. It is held annually the third full weekend in October. JOTA uses amateur radio to link Scouts and hams around the world, around the nation, and in your own community. According to the World JOTA-JOTI Report 2016, more than one million Scouters in 156 countries and at 33,000+ locations took part in JOTA-JOTI 2016.

This Jamboree requires only that you travel to Spencer Hall at 531 Windermere Rd. where members of the London Amateur Radio Club will set up an Amateur Radio station on October 21st. from 9:00 to 16:30. More details here.


Want to become part of the Amateur Radio Hobby

The next session for the basic Amateur radio course starts September 9th, 2017

How to become an Amateur Radio Operator( Ham), for more detail go here


Celebrate Canada's 150 anniversary, with our special prefix.


Can150logo eng

Upcoming Events

Mon Oct 9, 16:00 - 17:00, Fox Hunt tune-up. The Fox will be transmitting for an hour on standard frequency 146.565 MHz for people to practice using their directional antennas. Participants are invited to monitor VE3OME to hear how others are doing (and note their bearings). Fox will likely move to a second location at 16:30.

October 19  LARC Exec meeting

October 21  JOTA Spencer Hall

October 31  Goblin Patrol

October 15  Fox Hunt

November 2   Monthly Meeting

November 16  LARC Exec meeting

December 7  Christmas Pot Luck Meeting



 Fun Facts for Hams


 Club Meetings:

September through June, LARC meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month ( note this is a change from previous years, which were held on the Second Thursday of the month). Location of meetings is LARC Club station, 427 Wing, 2155B Crumlin Road North London, Ontario (43.033766, -81.1589447) There are a variety of guest speakers, and you will have a chance to meet other hams to discuss your interests in amateur radio. All hams, SWL’s and interested individuals are welcome.

Notes from our meetings

Presentations from our meetings will be posted here

Want to become part of this hobby!

How to become an Amateur Radio Operator( Ham), for more detail go here

Do you have a project you want funding for that will benefit the club!

 See the guidelines for LARC Projects here and submit to the president, for executive review.

 Distracted Driving Legislation for Ontario

A suggestion is that you print out the legislation and have it available in your vehicle. 

The attached document makes it easy for hams to print and put it in their glove compartment, along with a copy of their ham license.

Documentation of the legislation is here.


Canadian Ham-Radio Callsign Database:  Search for the callsign information of Canadian Ham Radio operators (optimized for cell phones)


Hams and Eggs Breakfast update

The location for the HAMs and Eggs Saturday breakfast is

Mary's Place Restaurant, 1494 Dundas St., London Ontario N5W 3B9.



Amateur Radio Newsline - "Your independent source of Amateur Radio news for today's radio amateur." - "ham radio on the net'"

ARRL - "The national association for Amateur Radio - News and Features." -  A site to lookup Hams as well as information.

DX Daily -  Site dedicated to the art/science of DX chasing