Congratulations to New Hams from LARC Course
Our annual Fall Ham course has completed and Dec 12 was the first of 2 exam days. As a result, we are happy to welcome the following people into our Ham radio family:

VA3BKI   Bruce Kuppers
    VA3DWL  David Ledyit
    VA3IGT  Glen Taylor
    VA3PRR  Jay Knops
    VE3EAD  Jorge Forero
    VA3TWE  Kevin Barker
    VA3ZLS  Luke Scarlatescu
    VA3PWF Steve Reynolds
    VA3WKP  Ted Gabinet
VA3KBI  Kevin Biloski
    VA3ZOV  Andy Zovko
Being 10 years old, Luke has replaced Adrian Starzynski as the youngest ham to graduate from our class, and he did it with honours.
David, Jay and Jorge have already attended fox hunts, which can be receive only.
Call signs will be added to the above list as they are confirmed by ISED and added to the Amateur Radio Operators database.