Field Day 2017


Field Day 2017 contained a number of first for the club. It was the field time we operated at the 427 Wing near the London Airport, it was the first time we had a shelter to go to when it rained adn it was the first time we have the Signal Corp assist us  for set up and operations. Our score was not the highest, but everyone had fun, which is the mainpoint of the exercise and no one was killed (which is also important from a safety aspect).


Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 9.02.40 PM.png


LARC Field Day at The 427 WIng, new home of the club station.



The 31st Signals Regiment bring their big truck to the event


VA3AHQ brings his little trailer to the event.


Tom Pillon  VE3HOR and Gary Wabersich VE3XDM work on those last minute repairs.



Field Day wouldn't be Field Day without the potluck BBQ


We even had a rainbow at the event.



Many other Photos are here. Thanks to Sharon Visser for being the offical photographer for the event.