Field Day was a huge success for 2014. We far surpassed our score from last year. The weather co-operated and the bugs weren't bad at all. We had a good showing of contacts on SSB and CW, plus for the first time we had a group running PSK31.  We had a great BBQ organized by members of the executive, which everyone enjoyed. Details to follow and posting of pictures. We are already planning for next year, more beams, more transmitters, more solar panels and more modes!

  Waiting for 10 Meters to open on Field Day.

 waiting for 10m to open

The above photo is of Ansil Rock and John Visser waiting for 10 Meters to show some signs of life during Field Day. The band conditions on Saturday were not open for 10 Meters, but around sunset the band opened. "Rocky" was able to make a contact with a station in Hawaii, he was very happy with that contact. On Sunday the band was still open and many contacts were made on the west coast.



Total CW QSOs: 190 X 2 = 380

Total Digital QSOs: 83 X 2 = 166

Total Phone QSOs: 378 X 1 = 378

Total QSO points: 924

Power Multiplier: 2 (150W or less)

Claimed Score: 1848

Bonus points claimed:

100% Emergency power: 100 x 7 (stations)

Set-up in Public Place: 100

Site Visited by invited served agency official: 100

Total Bonus Points Claimed: 900

Total Claimed Score: 2748