The Second LARC Fox Hunt is in Ye Olde Historie Booke


The 2016 Summer LARC Fox Hunt was presented by Sir Corbin de Aicheff (VE3NIS) assisted by Sir Wattie d"Pauerr (VE3ACW) on Saturday June 4th,2016.

Mounted for the Stirrup Cup served at The Secrets of Radar Museum were:

  Sir David de Toaant, Sir Douglas d'Yagi, Sir Paul Guardcar, Sir Harry d'Chek-Acee,

  Sir Norman Sitaround, Sir John I'llgethimyet, Sir Robin Shades 

  Lady Bethany attended but was not able to hunt due to lack of a side saddle.

The fox was Set but Sir Murphy delayed the Tally Ho until thirty minutes of eleven at which time the Hunt Master sounded "The Hunt" .

Within 30 minutes Sir David had found Sir Corbin and Sir Wattie on their mount but not the fox which was elsewhere !!

Within the first hour the Hunt had realised not to follow the bay of the first hound but to ride to the bay of the second hound.

(for the benefit of readers the fox was a simplex repeater located in Corbins van)

Although "Le Crafty Foxe" eluded the Hunt special mention must be made of Sir Douglas whose mount came up lame and he had to return to the stable to re-equip and thus started one hour behind the Pack and Sir David whose mount could not seem to resist the horse chestnuts in the woods !!

At two of the afternoon the Pack Master, Sir Corbin, rounded up the Hunt which repaired to the Museum for re hydration.

All enjoyed the event leading to a probable repeat in the Fall.

With regards to all who missed the Hunt; your loss !!

Respectfully submitted:

    Sir Corbin d'Aicheff, Hound Pack Master.

    Sir Wattie de Pauerr Hunt Master.