The Annual LARC Pot-luck Dinner was held on Thursday December 11, 2015.

A number of awards were presented by our President, Dave McCarter (VE3GSO)

The London Amateur Radio Club Special Recognition Award - Ruth Dahl (VE3RBO)

LARC Pot Luck 2015 001crop

The London Amateur Radio Club relies entirely upon the volunteer talents, skills and enthusiasm of our members for all aspects of club operation and to promote and grow our highly diverse hobby.

The LARC Special Recognition Award is to recognize outstanding service rendered over an extended period of time where such service has been a major input to the success of LARC activities.

Ruth was honoured for her past and continued service to the club over the past 15 years for activities including the LARC Annual Hamfest, Field Day and, of course, our Annual Pot-luck Dinner. She was also Club Secretary for many years. Thank you Ruth!

The 2015 Annual LARC Ham of the Year Award - Corbin Lippert (VE3NIS)

LARC Pot Luck 2015 004crop

Corbin was honoured with this award due to his continued volunteering effort of behalf of the club during the past year and his efforts in securing the home for the club station at the Secrets of Radar Museum. Congratulations Corbin!