R1155 Radio 


The London Amateur Radio Club ( LARC) are fortunate enough to have their Amateur radio club station at the 427 Wing location in London, Ontario Canada. The Wing has a number of historical items from the First and Second World War in their collection.

One item is a R1155 Radio which was used in Lancaster Bombers during the Second World War.

LARC was asked to look at the radio and see if it was possible to make the radio operational, so that it might be used when events were held at the Wing to provide some atmosphere of the past.

A number of the club members worked on this project and the radio was indeed operational and tunes fairly well. We installed a longwire antenna within the building and are able to pick up local stations as well as the time standard CHU, located in Ottawa.

Thanks goes out to the club members who helped make this piece of history functional at the Wing, hopefully it will be enjoyed for many years to come.



Dave MCCarter VE3GSO and Mike Watts, VE3ACW, listening to the R1155.




To be recorded and posted,

Video of the R1155 operating at the 427 Wing.




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